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 19/08/2011 wS vs oo

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PostSubject: 19/08/2011 wS vs oo   Fri Aug 19, 2011 8:04 pm




Bad choice for Rawr, in first round, without defender. We'll know it for next time !
We were leaded 0-3, and succeeded to score once before the end, all attack.
We could have avoided one of their scores, was a mistake on def.
We could have scored one more, my bad... I died at 0,00001 mm from base >.<

Slant was their choice, we played very well and were leading 3-1 at few minutes from the end.
Then seems like we fucked up, couldn't stand against their all attack, and they tied almost on the buzzer.

We were losing 3-1 on BadIdea at few minutes from the end, so we went all on attack, and they scored 2 more >.>

Hope we'll win next !

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19/08/2011 wS vs oo
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