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 Hi everyone! Here's the story of .wS.

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PostSubject: Hi everyone! Here's the story of .wS.   Wed Sep 24, 2008 7:17 am


I'm Ya˘, from babo. I discovered babo 1 year ago and I felt in love with it. Quickly, with my young ardour, I decided to start a clan to rule all the other ones... ^^ The name WTI came out spontanously. WTI for Wanna Try It?. There were many reasons for this name, but this is not the point there.
I wanted my clan to be the best one, and I think I did pretty well. It was the beginning of what we can now nearly call without lying "pro babo gaming" and WTI fastly grew up as one of the best clans _ if not the best - in the euro community. Then things moved, everyone didn't have the same goals, objectives and stuff. I decided to leave WTi, which became :I: (Insomnia).
Then I joined my favourite other clan wich was NbZ. Yet again, I had some problems, with my computers and stuff, and with members inside the clan. Then I left NbZ to join Masters of Surgery (wich doesn't exist anymore) because I like the guys and I wanted to bring them some experience since they were new. Things happenned, MoS died and I was unclanned for some time.

That's when I realised that I really liked babo and clan things. That's when I decided to create wS with FireBall. I like gaming, I like competition, and also fairplay. Some say I'm arrogant, I am not anymore. Smile
You're going to say.... "hmmm.... wS... wicked Skillz... not arrogant?". No, we are just realistic. HAHAHA. Just kidding. No, with .wS., I wanted to create a new kind of clan. It's not achieved yet. I didn't find enough time to do what I really wanted to do.

Anyway, .wS. regroups all the things I have talked about previously, and also new concepts.

- .wS.

yellow: talent, intelligence, success, glory, emotion. And valor. Valor in general, but also respect, humbleness... Virtues basically. With red: ambition.
And you obvisouly think of gold: talent, luxury and dignity. With red: Perfection. But we are humble.

Red: for... blood, of course. There will be blood on the battlefield. But red is also the symbol of fire, of the sun. Creativity. Red is a symbol of delicacy, but also of passion.

- wicked Skillz: yes, we want our members to have outstanding skillz. But not necessarly already. This is the following paragraph.

- My idea was to recruit new and fresh players with good potential who stick with this philosophy and are willing to learn. I and FireBall want to train babos. We have recruited old members. But that's because we lack new players who want to reach top level!!!!

- Another idea: few members but reliable and fitted ones.

- If you want to join you must be comfortable with English

- Humbleness, respect, friendship, and pleasure first and foremost

If you liked this presentation and somehow recognized yourself in being a .wS. member, maybe you should post an application in the dedicated topic.

Thanks for reading this and see you on the battlefield.

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Hi everyone! Here's the story of .wS.
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